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AT Transit Flows

Auckland Transport (AT) saw our Transit Flows application and wanted one for themselves for their 2019 Bus Reference Case project. We obliged and created for them AT Transit Flows, a visualisation of vehicle flows through Auckland's current and future public transport networks.

The application takes scheduling data for a typical peak day and colour- and thickness-codes all the segments of the network according to number of vehicles per hour. Selecting a time period quickly gives a big-picture view of the vehicle flows for that period. Clicking on a segment reveals further detail about that segment, such as the indicator value broken down by route.

"AT Transit Flows was used to visualise and help to communicate the work AT did on our City Centre Bus Reference Case (BRC). Having a visual, interactive aspect output of this work significantly increased the BRC’s usefulness and effectiveness, both for the project team and for the BRC’s intended audience of stakeholders. The tool is simple but effective, and its development was collaborative and straightforward." ~Luke Elliot, Principal Planner Rapid Transit Network at Auckland Transport

"A very useful one-stop shop for displaying current bus volumes at both a strategic and detailed level." ~Peter Moth, Manager PT Network Development at Auckland Transport

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Author: Alex Raichev
Date: 2019-06-05